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Daily Number Lottery System based on Math

A Winning Daily Lottery Number System based on mathematics.

This system works like magic. It takes about ten minutes to read and comprehend how it works. You will wonder why no one has come up with this system before and you will immediately know that it will work. You will begin using the system to win money from the daily number lottery in your state. This is the method of play that the State Lottery agencies do not like because you will now be able to beat their odds and win, but they will not be able to stop you. It is perfectly legal, because you will be buying your lottery tickets like everyone else. (Also known as the Pick 3 game}. Most states in the United States have the Daily Numbers game available.

This Daily Lottery Number System is absolutely the best-kept secret in existence today!

Several individuals have sent me questions asking what type of system it is, or for more information about how it works. Math can be used to solve all kinds of life’s problems. It’s hard to give specific clues without revealing the actual system to you, so I will try to explain it to you through the following examples.

These are not the actual clues that will reveal my system, but will give you some other examples to show you how mathematical phenomenons can sometimes work and amaze you.
Did you ever watch the TV series “NUMB3RS”?

It’s about an FBI agent, Don Eppes, who recruits his younger brother, Charlie, a mathematical genius and college professor, to help solve some of Don’s toughest cases.

Mathematical equations are used solve various crimes.

Math can be applied to various situations to solve all kinds of problems if only you know how to apply the mathematical equations.

Here are some examples of how math can amaze you:

Example #1

1. Think of a number between 1 and 100, and for this trick we will call this number our Magic Number.

2. Now, using your calculator, take your age (hmmmmm, this a 2nd unknown possibility to this problem), and multiply it by 2, add 5, multiply by 50, and subtract 365.

3. Next, keep that number from the last step on the calculator, add the Secret Number to it, then add 115.

4. The first half of the resulting number is your age, and the other part of the number is your secret number!

Let’s say the Secret number between 1 and 100 that you picked was 57, and your age happens to be 35

Here’s the calculation: your age 35 multiplied by 2 = 70; then add 5= 75; then multiply by 50=3750; then subtract 365=3385; add the secret number to it, plus 57=3442; lastly add 115= 3557

As stated above in step 4, the first half of the resulting number 3557 is your age (35), and the remaining part of the number is your secret number (57)

In this amazing little mathematical trick, whatever your secret number is between 1 and 100, and no matter what your age is, it always works.

Math can be used to solve many of life’s most unique problems.

Example #2

Did you know that there is a mathematical formula used to estimate how many games a Baseball team should win based on the number of runs scored and the number of runs allowed. It is extremely accurate! I will include the spread sheet for this as a Free Bonus.

Example #3

How to pick your Daily Lottery Numbers (Pick 3, 3-digit numbers) out of a possibility of 1000 numbers and win!To start, you need to buy this system. The system is fully explained and easy to use. I know you really want this system and the price will seem very cheap when you start winning using this system.

You won’t regret getting this Daily Lottery System, it will really show you how to make money playing the daily lottery numbers game without much effort! Interested? It only costs the price of a few lottery tickets to find out what I am talking about. Go ahead, give it a shot.

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