The Lottery Winner:

Jacob considers himself to be one of the lucky ones because he’s the only one of his family to have survived two years in a concentration camp. He’s now nearing 90 and his only remaining joy is the national lottery, which he’s been playing for years without success. But then he wins the big one, a prize of $10 million.

A journalist from the Times calls on him for a story.

Jacob tells him, “As I’m the only one in my family to have survived the concentration camps, this has helped me decide how to make use of my large win. So, I’ve decided to donate $5 million to the Save the Children Fund, $3 million to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, $750,000 to the Jewish Museum, $750,000 Hadassah Hospital and $500,000 to be shared amongst my friends. I’m also thinking of donating $1 to the Nazi Party from my winnings.”

The journalist is surprised. “But Jacob, how can you think of donating even $1 to the Nazi party after everything that’s happened to you and your family?”

Jacob rolls up his sleeve, points to his arm, smiles and replies, “It’s only fair. They gave me the winning numbers.”