Daily Lottery Number


What can you get for a buck these days? Not much. You can’t get a happy meal for a buck. Have you checked the price lately of a candy bar or a pack of bubble gum? It is accurate that you can get some styrofoam drinking cups or plastic forks for a dollar at your neighborhood dollar store, but what fun is that?


If you don’t want to fork over $20 dollars to get a movie ticket, popcorn, and a beverage, who can fault you? Is it worth paying $50 for a nose bleed seat to a football game? There is something you can do for amusement and it won’t cost you much money at all. For simply a buck or two, you can have fun playing the daily lottery. Why not choose your daily lottery number and take a chance on hitting it big?


Playing the daily lottery will put a enormous smile on your face, especially if you nail the daily number. The majority of the states that have a lottery have a game of chance where you are asked to choose a three-digit number from 0-999.


The daily lottery number game may have varied odds of winning depending upon the rules of the specified state’s lottery. Some games will have a number of payout rates depending on whether you chose the daily number in the exact order or if you chose them, but drawn in any order. For example, if the daily number was 345 and you chose 3-4-5, you would receive the full payout. Then again, if you chose 3-5-4, you might be eligible for a lesser, “consolation” jackpot.


Playing the daily lottery number gives you something to look forward to each night. While winning a few hundred or perhaps a thousand dollars is not going to affect your life, it is always exhilarating when you win.


If you are like several people, you might play the same daily number every day until it comes in. It might be your birthday, or some alternative number that you dream is lucky. From a mathematical point of view, every number has an uniform opportunity of coming in each time the daily number is chosen.


As solely playing the lottery can be fun, it is a lot more fun when you win! You can further your possibility of winning by employing some lottery strategies such as boxing a range of numbers or keying a given number on multiple lottery tickets.


If you box three or more numbers, you win the total amount of the jackpot no matter what order your numbers in your box come in. For instance, if you have a five number box 1-2-3-4-5 and three of those five numbers come in (such as 2-1-4) you win.


Certainly, it will cost you more to lock up more numbers when you attempt to choose the daily lottery number. For a lot of people, playing the daily lottery number is enjoyable. It is not a way to make a living.


You should think about playing your daily number as a form of fun. Play with dollars you can afford to squander. Think of the cost of a lottery ticket as the cost of a cup of coffee. If your daily number does come in, you can buy coffee for a year!